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Workplace Support Skills (WSS)

Workplace Support Skills is now available as a 1.5 hour interactive online training course.

Contact your local RAMHP Coordinator to book. Click here and type in your postcode to find the RAMHP Coordinator in your region. Or contact us via email

Duration: 3 hours face to face, 1.5 hours online

Description: Workplace Support Skills training provides participants with the skills and knowledge to deal effectively with clients experiencing stress, to minimise the negative impacts of their own experiences with clients, and to identify when it may be necessary to seek further assistance and link clients with appropriate health services.

Participants also learn how to look after their own mental wellbeing, how to recognise when a colleague, friend or family member may be struggling with their mental health or at risk of suicide and how to both seek and provide appropriate help.

Who can attend: employees from workplaces and community organisations

If you are interested in attending a RAMHP training session, or bringing it to your workplace or community, contact your RAMHP Coordinator for details. Click here and type in your postcode to find the RAMHP Coordinator in your region. Or contact us via email

Feedback on our Training:

We receive feedback from participants at the end of all our training sessions and, if consented, a month after completion. This is what participants have said about our Workplace Support Skills training:

“I think the training was fantastic and delivered extremely well. I did not know at the time how useful this training would be because of incidents that have occurred within our workplace since attending the training. I felt I was better equipped to deal with this because of attending the training”.

“I feel that the training is particularly useful for supervisory roles so that mental health issues can be recognised and addressed with individual staff when required”.

“This should be offered to ALL staff within my organisation”.


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