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Getting Through the Dry

Duration: Less than 1 hour

Description: ‘Getting Through the Dry’ is RAMHP’s brand new training package with a focus on drought-related stress. During this session, our Coordinators will provide information and insight into drought-related stress, strategies to manage stress and ways to take action. You will leave with a better understanding of how drought impacts people and their community and where to find support.

Who can attend: Interested community members, groups and organisations. This presentation can be tailored to a range of audiences, recognising the needs of different groups, communities and organisations.

If you are interested in attending a ‘Getting Through the Dry’ session or bringing it to your workplace or community, contact your local RAMHP Coordinator for details. Click here and type in your postcode to find the RAMHP Coordinator in your area. Alternatively, contact us via email at


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