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Community Support Skills (CSS)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Description:  Community Support Skills training develops the skills, knowledge and confidence of participants to identify and approach people they are concerned about, and provide appropriate advice to connect those people with mental health services and support. Participants are also encouraged to practice self-care and to seek help if they have any concerns about their own mental wellbeing.

Who can attend: interested community members, groups and organisations.

If you are interested in attending a RAMHP training session, or bringing it to your workplace or community, contact your RAMHP Coordinator for details. Click here and type in your postcode to find the RAMHP Coordinator in your region. Or contact us via email

Feedback on our Training:

We receive feedback from participants at the end of all our training sessions and, if consented, a month after completion. This is what participants have said about our Community Support Skills training:

“I believe everyone should undertake such training, it would greatly reduce stigma in the community making it more likely people would seek help if it is needed for themselves or a loved one”.

“[Instructor] explains things in easy to understand language and brings a lot of energy and passion to the presentation. Great resource kit provided”.


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