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Understand stress and the impacts it can have on our wellbeing in our latest Stress Bucket training video.

Explore what mental health is, how it is always changing and can be viewed as a continuum in our latest Mental Health Continuum training video. 


Mental health and wellbeing training now available online

Rural workplaces and individuals can now access short interactive training courses on mental health and wellbeing online.

RAMHP’s two courses now available online include:

Wellbeing & You is a 1.5 hour interactive online training course

  • Participants gain an understanding of mental health and wellbeing. Participants will also develop skills on identifying when someone is unwell and where to get help, in order to look after themselves and others. This training also provides participants with information on self-care.

Workplace Support Skills is a 1.5 hour interactive online training session

This course is designed to support mental health within the work place. Within this session, participants will gain knowledge on the following:

  • communication skills and having a difficult conversation
  • signs someone may be struggling or at risk of suicide
  • finding and providing help
  • tips on looking after yourself

Do you come across distressed people in the community or at work?

Want to know more about how, where and when to find help for mental health concerns?

We provide education and training to individuals, communities and service providers aimed at supporting and linking community members to mental health support.

These courses include:

Community Support Skills (CSS)
Workplace Support Skills (WSS)
Heavy Industry Support Skills (HISS)
Wellbeing and You
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
Volunteer Wellbeing
Getting Through the Dry

As experienced mental health trainers, RAMHP Coordinators also provide tailored mental health education sessions in response to local needs.

For more information about our RAMHP training courses, click here RAMHP Training Card ().

Please contact your local RAMHP Coordinator for training in your area. 

Feedback on our Training:

We receive feedback from participants at the end of all our training sessions and, if consented, a month after completion. This is what participants have said about our training:

“I am extremely grateful for the free training and [instructor] was fantastic and very approachable. I have been encouraging everyone I know working in the community services sector to do the training if the opportunity presents itself. Thank you RAMHP!”

“It was very helpful and dispelled a lot of myths. It also gave insight into the number of people with a mental health issue, and the amount and type of assistance available”.

“I found this the best mental health session I have attended in the last 7 years”.

“The training did make me aware of another service that was available and I am now using that service”.

“This training should be mandatory for everyone! More people need to be aware of mental health and how to deal with issues”.


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