IN AN EMERGENCY CALL 000 or go to your nearest hospital Emergency Department
The Rural Adversity Mental Health Program does not provide Emergency Services.

Bushfire Recovery

Bushfires take a toll on regional and rural communities, including having an effect on the mental-health and wellbeing of those affected. Rural communities will need continued support to sustain mental wellbeing and to prevent mental health problems developing.

In response to bushfires, RAMHP assist affected communities by:

  • Attending Evacuation Centres to provided resources and link highly distressed individuals to care
  • Participating in Disaster Recovery committees and activities
  • Deploying a media and social media communications strategy to promote normal emotional responses to disaster and when a person should seek professional support
  • Developing dedicated evidence-based bushfire resources including webpages and hardcopy factsheets for those without internet access

As the focus of a bushfire moves from immediate impact to recovery phases, RAMHP’s role will develop. Updates will be made to the RAMHP website and social media platforms.

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