Far West Local Health District

Far West Local Health District mapMarie Kelly is the RAMHP Coordinator who works across the Far West Local Health District (LHD). Marie conducts a range of activities across the district, aimed at linking rural people to the help they need. 

If you are a service provider and are interested in becoming involved in education, networks, events or projects in Far West NSW, please contact RAMHP. Your organisation may also be interested in becoming a partner.

If you are a community member and you are interested in learning more about education and events in your area, please contact RAMHP.


RAMHP provides education and training to individuals, communities and service providers aimed at supporting and linking community members to the services they need.

The Community Support Skills training package is available to community members who would like to develop the skills to identify and assist people experiencing mental distress.

The Workplace Support Skills training package is designed for front-line staff, in government and non-government organisations, likely to become aware of the impacts of stress and adversity on their customers.

RAMHP coordinators are accredited providers of Mental Health First Aid. These courses are often run in partnership with organisations, for example Cristal Mining Australia has partnered with RAMHP to deliver MHFA to management at Gingko mine.

Our experienced RAMHP coordinators also offer tailored mental health education sessions to respond to local needs.

Mental Health Information

Providing information is a key component of RAMHP activity in Far West NSW. We provide a range of information services to individuals, communities and service providers to link rural and remote people to the help they need. This includes information on where to access servicescommon mental illnesses and how to keep mentally healthy, as well as our annual Glove Box Guide to Mental Health.

Community Events

RAMHP staff coordinate and attend a range of community events aimed at bringing communities together, as well as educating and providing information about how and where to find help for mental health concerns.