Community Suicide Prevention Forum Narrandera 3

 From L to R: Alan Woodward - Lifeline Research Foundation, Merilyn Limbrick- RAMHP, Tina McMannus - UnitingCare NSW/ACT, John Harper, Temora Wellness Advisory Group, Julie Greig - Rural Chaplain, Uniting Church, Sue Murray – SPA, Tony Cassidy - Wesley Lifeforce


Riverina Suicide Prevention Groups Forum inspires and motivates organisers

Positive feedback from the Riverina Suicide Prevention Group Forum held in Narrandera in November last year has inspired the organising group to start planning another one this year.

Organisers included RAMHP, UnitingCare NSW/ACT, Australian Red Cross, Suicide Prevention Australia, Riverina Bluebell, Hay CASE, Wesley Lifeforce and Department of Primary Industries.

What was the purpose of holding the forum?

Our objectives for holding the forum include:

- Engaging members of other community groups
- Increasing participants knowledge of Communities Matter Toolkit
-  Sharing ideas
- Networking
- Increasing skills

What was some of the feedback from the day?

Participants expressed deep satisfaction with the day.  Some of the feedback from the day include:

“Helpful to hear what others are doing and share in the enthusiasm and passion of others and to have networking opportunities. This all gave a feeling of hope and purpose striving towards a common and achievable goal despite the odds."

"Loved the friendly relaxed atmosphere of sharing and honesty"

"New ideas and information gained"

"Great speakers especially those who came through the other side of suicidal thoughts"

"Wonderful people, contacts, shared passion, communities/individuals are involved and making a difference.”

What was the main action item going forward?

The general consensus was that there needed to be more of these type of valuable Forums held which is why the organising group including RAMHP will commence planning for another one in March this year.

Stay tuned for more about this in the next few weeks.