How Are You Going? poster resonates with stakeholders and the community

CAC photo Dec2015 web

 Director CRRMH Professor David Perkins with Chairperson, Community Advisory Committee Marie Russell AM

The CRRMH Communiy Advisory Committee (CAC) recently got together for their quarterly meeting held in Orange and end of year wrap up.

The round table discussions were insightful and highly engaging with discussions on what has worked well over the last three months, what needed further development/ work and what was possible in 2016.

Various staff from the CRRMH also presented on key projects including RAMHP, evaluation and collateral produced.

One of the key collateral pieces developed; a mental health continuum poster: How are you going? resonated significantly with the CAC. It has also been very well received in the community. The poster was produced a few months ago specifically for White Haven Coal and has since been distributed to Northparks Mines as well as various other organisations and community members.

Here’s what the Health Specialist and Registered Nurse, Stacie Martin from Northparkes Mines (NPM) group had to say about the mental health continuum poster:

How is the mental health continuum poster, 'How are you going?' being used in the workplace?

 The “How are you going?” posters have been placed in locations where they will most likely be used in the Human Resources section and in the Health Centre at NPM. It can also be located in Access Control where we treat employees and visitors who sustain injuries (both work related and non work related) injuries, which may also include mental health related conditions.

 What has been the feedback?

We haven’t had the posters at NPM for very long, but the people who have been exposed to the poster have commented that it is really user friendly and easy to follow. The colours really help users follow the path to the treatments at the bottom.

What was the feedback from RAMHP coordinator Di Gills presentation to employees on R U OK Day?

Everyone loves having Di Gill on site at Northparkes Mine. I actually contacted Di after our Northparkes Environment and Farms Superintendent remembered meeting her at a previous mine site and spoke so highly of her. She visited us early 2015 where she held mental health awareness and identification sessions to our leaders across the business. Many people really enjoyed this presentation and wished she was here longer. Di also was involved in a question and answer forum on R U Ok? Day along with our Northparkes People, Safety and Environment Manager, our EAP psychologist and a delegate from Richmond PRA. The general feedback about the whole R U Ok? Day has been very positive. She also attended every BBQ we held on that day (3 in total) and talked to the employees, contractors and visitors at each venue. Like I said, everyone loves having Di out here.

What are some strategies being put in place for workplace wellbeing (if any?)

Wellness has a big focus at Northparkes Mine. We have done R U Ok? Day for the last 3 years in a row. We also encourage other national events like Dry July, October etc. We have adhoc challenges such as fitness challenges, weight loss challenges and healthy cooking challenges.  In October we hosted an outdoor cinema event in the town of Parkes called “Movie by Moonlight” that raised awareness for mental health in our community and money for Headspace in Dubbo.

Would you recommend the poster to other organisations as a useful resource?

Absolutely, it is always helpful having a flow chart to identify individuals who are displaying signs and symptoms of any illness/disease, including mental health. The added bonus is having the “What can you do?” section down the bottom.

For a copy of our How are you going? poster,  please call the CRRMH on 02 63638444.