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18 February 2015

 Di Mudgee CSS Feb2015sml

RAMHP Coordinator Di Gill at the CSS training session in Mudgee

RAMHP coordinators have again been busy rolling out sought-after Workplace Support Skills (WSS) and Community Support Skills (CSS) training for groups all over NSW, including Mudgee.

Recently RAMHP Coordinators Camilla Kenny and Di Gill facilitated three training sessions in Mudgee. The sessions were coordinated with the help of Alan Talbot, WHS Coordinator from Mid-Western Regional Council (Mudgee).

How many people came to the CSS session in Mudgee?

20 employees from the Mudgee area attended the CSS session, which was a great response. Attendees included community group members, health workers, community volunteers and NSW Farmers Reps.

What was the feedback from the Training session?

Feedback overall was very positive. According to participants some of the best aspects of the workshop included:

“learning how to talk to people and see how they are going”

“informative, interactive and well – delivered”

“what the organisation are that can help”

“realistic scenarios, clearly explained”

“lots of practical information”

“identification of health wellness and signs of suicide”

“Ideas on what’s the best approach and what to say”

What other support skills training did you facilitate in Mudgee?

Two more WSS training sessions were held  with a total of 30 employees attending from the Mid-Western Regional Council (Mudgee). Feedback was again very positive and reflected the need for this type of information and education in the workplace.

RAMHP Coordinator Di Gill will also be talking to CENTROC (Central NSW Councils) about the Support Skills training sessions with a view to roll these out across all Central NSW Council.

Can you please just remind us, what is WSS and CSS training?

Workplace Support Skills (WSS) and Community Support Skills (CSS) training has been designed to meet the needs of people living and working in rural and remote NSW. One in three people will experience some form of mental ill health across their lifetime and it’s important that we understand what we can do to help.

We all have a friend, family member, colleague or even a neighbour who we’d like to help should the need arise.

RAMHP is all about linking people to the help they need. The WSS and CSS training RAMHP provides gives people the confidence about seeking help for themselves, or supporting someone by helping them to access the help they need.

If you or your organisation are interested in participating in a Workplace Support Skills (WSS) or Community Support Skills (CSS) training session, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.