Glovebox Guide Award Win

In October of 2012 the Glovebox Guide to Mental Health was born from a partnership between RAMHP and The Land newspaper.

This August the Glovebox Guide was awarded the 'Special Media Achievement Award' by The Mental Health Services Conference.

The award is a wonderful honour for the RAMHP team and The Land, who put many hours into producing the Guide for rural and remote communities.

The Glovebox Guide seeks to address the increased incidence of suicide and mental health problems amongst people living and working in rural and remote areas. The emphasis of the Guide is on recognising the signs of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions, and on how to seek help while being remote from mental health professionals.

The 2013 Glovebox Guide to Mental Health is nearing completion. Due out in The Land newspaper in mid-October, this year's edition will present more stories about 'real' rural people and address an even broader range of mental health issues. The Guide will also aim to showcase the innovative ways rural communities support each other and how being engaged in your community can protect your mental health.

Read the current edition of award winning Glovebox Guide to Mental Health at The Land website.