GBG launch 2015 Andrew Norris, Pru Goward, David Perkins

L-R: The Land Editor Mr Andrew Norris, with Mental Health Minister the Hon Pru Goward and CRRMH Director Professor David Perkins

This year’s Glove Box Guide to Mental Health partnership between the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health’s (CRRMH) Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) and The Landhas today been launched by the NSW Minister for Mental Health, The Hon. Pru Goward.

Ms Gowardsaid the Guide is a valuable resource and plays an important role in promoting mental health and improving the well-being of people in rural and remote NSW.

“Peoplewith mental illness want the same things that we all want, to be connected to their family, friends and community and to live healthy meaningful lives,” Ms Goward said.

“We understand the difficulties that people in regional areas face such as drought and fire and what this Guide does is helpsbreak down isolation and connects individuals and communities; it makes people aware of what to look out for and how and where to seek help.”

The theme for this year’s Guide is mental health issues relating to our senses such as what you might See, Hear, Think, Feel, Say, and Do. Personal stories touch on what it feels like to have a mental illness as well information on what you might see and hear from someone you are concerned about; including tips on what to say.

The Guide is also jam-packed full of practical information, education, inspiring stores, and tips and strategies on how to stay mentally healthy.

Make sure you pick up a copy this week by purchasing a copy of The Land.

Also to link in with the ‘senses’ theme, The Land is launching a campaign for Mental Health Month using the hashtag #itmakessense. You can take part in the campaign by sending the Land messages of simple things you might say or do to make yourself feel better, whether it is to take time to have a coffee with a valued friend or to pick up the phone to see how a loved one is doing.  Check out The Land’s
facebook page to get ideas and see how you can get involved.

Also check out for featured videos coming up. For more information on the launch: see our media release on why the Glove Box Guide makes sense for good mental health